Online Nuans Name Research

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Online Nuans Name Research


NUANS name search is an automated search system that compares proposed corporations/business names with trademarks or other existing companies within the database. This compares your proposed name with any existing name in our database. A list of possible names is created. The suggested name(s) that are suggested, in the event that they are available will be delivered to the email address you supply for further consideration. You can accept the suggestions or offer alternative names if they aren’t appropriate. The suggestions are then analyzed. Then the final choices are made.


Businesses and individuals alike frequently decide to incorporate under either federal and provincial laws. Different jurisdictions have differing definitions of “residents” in the context of incorporation. This is why it is usually necessary for businesses to seek clarification as to the need to be incorporated in one jurisdiction or the other. A qualified attorney who is skilled in both provincial and federal incorporation laws, is crucial. Because of the differences between these two areas, a lawyer who is qualified should not only know the procedure for incorporation in each, but also understand the requirements that must be met to induct in each.


If the names suggested are similar to existing Canadian corporations then the process for incorporation will be similar. This involves providing a written notice that the corporation is being designated, completing all requirements, submitting necessary documents to the provincial government office, and paying applicable administrative fees. It is possible that the name suggested will not be the same as existing Canadian corporations. However, this may mean that additional steps must be taken in order to establish the new company. One of those actions is to incorporate the business in the province in which the business is located. The application to the relevant provincial office may also be required. This is made simpler through Nuans name technology that suggests names of businesses that conduct business in the area. This could help to match the name of the company being incorporated.


The next step is to conduct the search. The search can be conducted on the internet via various sites. Sometimes, initial searches for names might require additional information, like the registration of the business name and the domain name. Search engines can be used to check whether the name you’re searching for is in use with that search criteria.


If there’s more than one match that lead to the most appropriate name for incorporation (for example two companies are ready to do business as Nuans) Then, additional steps might be required. The initial name search usually requires more information. The name search may take a long time, depending on the number of websites are compared. The submission of registrations for business names and other data typically requires at least four to six working days dependent on the speed of searches and the number of sites involved.


When this initial phase is completed after which a more thorough search of the business name registration can be made by using the advanced features of the Nuans search engine. This stage allows you to search using various criteria to identify the most appropriate name for every person. A name for a business that is in availability will be displayed after the preliminary plan search is complete. Businesses can sign up their business name with the information provided in order to start their own business. If necessary, include your first name and address when you submit information.


It is also possible to cross-check the information you enter with data from Ontario Ministry of Economic Development to ensure that the registered company name matches the original. This important step ensures that the name of the business registered on the Ontario register will be completely distinct and won’t be confused with another business name that is already registered. Businesses can request a business name search report by using the province-wide searchable databases to aid in the creation or revising the Ontario corporate register.


Once all data and preliminary procedures are complete, the registered business name will show up in the results of the search as soon as it is possible. To view contact information and an image of the exact location of the office, simply click on the name. The type of search and the level of detail used will determine the extent of the information. Business owners can save time in searching for the ideal name online to assist them in finding it.