How do I Apply for Trademark Registration

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How do I Apply for Trademark Registration

Registration of trademarks in the USA is required. Additionally, you will benefit from the legal protection for your trademark. You have legal rights that protect your trademark. This signifies that you can take legal action against the person who is infringing your rights if there is a violation of your rights to intellectual property.

The second benefit is exclusive ownership. The USPTO allows the registration of your trademark without limitations. The status of your trademark registration remains valid even when the trademarks aren’t being used for the production or marketing of your goods or services. A trademark registration may be a reflection of any changes to the name, symbol or designs.

The sole proprietorship registration of trademarks in the USA doesn’t require you to submit your address or name. However you must indicate your name as well as the contact details of the person who is accountable for your business operations. Additionally the USPTO does not require you to disclose your trade name, etc. for a period of ten years after your registration of your trademark in the USA. The expiry of the registration does no mean that the rights of a registered proprietor of the trademark have disappeared. It is simply a notification that your trademark can’t be used anymore to register the mark. After 10 years, your rights cease to be valid and should be renewed to be eligible for use again.

Trademark registration in the USA can be done within two years from the submission of the application. On successful registration, the trademark is transformed into a US trademark. If you fail this step, then the trademark you registered in the USA is transformed into a trademark in the US. This indicates that the trademark has not been registered and the rights have expired. The rights can be renewed by filing an application for registration, however the procedure involves filing a new application within six months.

Before you can register your trademark on this site it is essential ensure that your brand logo and name are distinctive and are not duplicated elsewhere. If you plan to make use of unique colours, fonts, and other elements, you will need to file a trademark registration application with USPTO. This includes elements such a slogan or design, images, drawings, and patterns. Registration is required if you intend to sell your products in America.

A trademark application cannot be valid without a precise drawing or description of the goods/designs you want to protect. Original copies must be supplied by the applicant. It should be high-resolution. The USPTO office will require a prescription to verify that the product submitted by the applicant is original.

The foreign application option is another option for trademark registration in the USA. When filing a foreign application, the applicant needs to submit one original document, in addition to six translations (ones in English, Spanish, German, French and Russian). Each document translated must be accompanied in the form of a translation certificate. This is a signed document that is signed by the translator. The whole process could take anywhere from six to one year, and it costs about the same as submitting an US trademark request.

It can be difficult to register an trademark in the USA. It can take several months to complete the necessary research and drafts necessary for filing the required documents. It is an option when you have the knowledge and patience to do it.